Monday, March 22, 2010

Mt Wellington School Design

Building Design on PhotoPeach

After returning from Jasmax, our Architects this morning I am reminded of what a privileged position it is to dream and scheme about possibilities for classroom/school design, from the ground up. I am constantly having to challenge traditional mental models about how things have always been in school. Take the traditional big librarian counter for example, portraying a 'fort Knox' scenario of please don't enter! One of the most exciting parts is thinking about how classroom spaces might be furnished to cater for various learning scenarios and preferences.


  1. Hi Sarah
    How are you? Congrats on your new position!
    Being involved in shaping the design of a new school is certainly a career highlight!
    The ingredients of 21st century learning such as inquiry learning, the increasing use of mobile multimedia devices and the challenge of providing spaces for a variety of learning scenarios (such as in groups, peers and as a class) to name just a few, certainly pushes the boundaries from the 'old school', traditional, rectangular box where all desks faced the same way and all seats where of the same height. :)
    I noticed you have been reading some of Stephen Heppell's work and wondered if you had seen this film on Randall Fielding's work
    Sarah G

  2. Hi Sarah
    Many thanks for for taking the time to comment and for the link to Randall Fielding's work. It's buffering as I respond to your comment. I will look with much interest. I agree we have an incredible opportunity to push some boundaries and shake up 20th century mental models of teaching and learning.