Sunday, January 23, 2011

Learning - The bottom line!

There has been lots of dialogue amongst staff in the last week or so about how to cause/activate learning and ensure as Guy Claxton so beautifully puts it 'get as much learning juice possible out'.
The learning design is two fold or better termed split screen. The design of the workshop (small group) teaching session where as much (sweet) juice as possible is packed into the experience so that the potential for gaining the goodness from the juice squeezed out. Graeme Atkin's question "How do I know my students need this learning at this time" is a superb question and has been asked many times as we reflect, critique and think about how learning is going to be designed and activated at Stonefields School.
The other side of the screen is ensuring learners are involved in worthwhile, rigorous learning experiences when not involved in a workshop with a teacher. Our inquiry/learning model is proving powerful at helping us design learning at stages beyond building knowledge. The thinking required to make meaning and apply understandings is what we want students to be involved in to develop the necessary thinking and powerful learning skills.

Exciting times - the journey is a privilege.

How do we pack as much juice in - how do we enable learners to get as much learning juice out?

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