Sunday, February 12, 2012

Visible Professional Collaboration

Throughout the year we have captured teacher narratives on video to understand more fully what is required to function effectively as part of a learning hub team.  Through collecting teacher voice we have discovered what many of the positive are from working in this way.  One of significance is the visible nature of the environment allows you to learn with and from your colleagues on a daily basis.

Other advantages of working in collaborative learning spaces;
  • “You are not alone” is one phrase that has been used throughout the year - incidental successes and challenges can be shared and attended to in the moment.
  • Daily professional learning opportunities - you observe your peers teaching because of the visible nature of the spaces.  You pick up lots of ideas and different ways of approaching.
  • OTJs by 2 or 3 teachers, can discuss more deeply those children you are not quite sure of where they are achieving.
  • Pooling strengths and expertise for both working with colleagues and teaching students.
  • Planning sessions where student achievement is discussed and groupings re organised to best meet needs.
  • More space and furniture possibilities to facilitate different learning
  • Less down time for transitioning as there is always an adult to begin setting up the next task.
  • Healthy sense of accountability when your practice is so visible in front of your colleagues.
  • Relievers practice is visible and it is quickly identified if they fit the culture of ‘how we do things around here’
  • The children benefit from the skill of 2 or 3 teachers.  Can approach the teacher that is fit for purpose.
  • Pooling of resource - have more mass of e.g. construction rather than a class set - 3x
  • Shared planning critiquing and talking about ‘how do we know these children need this learning at this time?’  Accountable to the hub to complete your planning in the shared environment.

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  1. Hi all, what a fabulous list of advantages from your stunning learning hub teams. Sooooo many positives! I just loved visiting your place and would love to be working in a collaborative hub! Instead I am focusing on distance collaboration!
    Thanks for the inspiring list!
    Anne K