Saturday, November 28, 2009

21st Century Learning Spaces

What learning spaces need to be designed in a new school today to remain current 30 years from now? The possibilities are endless and exciting. What often constrains one in thinking about possible ideas and solutions to future proof an educational environment is mental models embedded in a 20th century mode of education. This industrialist mentality thinks about traditional classroom structure, student ratios of 1:30, doors that close, 9.00-3.00pm timetable, libraries with books etc. How do we leave the past to think creatively about possibilities to enable learning like it hasn't been enabled before.
Maybe a starting point is to think about the types of learning that can occur in a day. For example one on one conferencing with a peer of the teacher, peer conferencing, small group teaching with the teacher, large group teaching, demonstration using visual media, independent study and focus time, social learning opportunities to collaborate on or off line to collectively work on a shared problem or opportunity.
How do we make the most of the indoor, out door learning flow? How can court yards be created to support learning? How might the furniture be designed to be multi-purpose in partitioning and storing, charging mobile devises?
The mind wants to wander ... Lots to think about in creating a learning organisation to support 21st teaching and learning. Am sure if I ask the kids they will have all the best ideas!
I guess the most challenging part is creating the 21st century pedagogy to match.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I have just come across your blog and am interested in what you are achieving. I have spent a bit of time working with numerous schools in planning for meeting the needs of our new learners. I have come across some amazing schools that are having the same ideas and are looking at redesigning their enviorments.

    If you are intereted I can give you further information. You can email me @ and I can send you some further info if you are interested.

    Jo Walker (Limbrick)